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Parts Structure Of NSK Bearings

wallpapers News 2021-01-19
NSK bearings, NSK's main products are bearings, NSK Bearing Company, due to excellent quality and considerate service, NSK company's business is also progressing rapidly. NSK uses a well-structured intelligence network to combine the four regions of Japan, Europe, America, and Asia-Pacific into a four-pole system. Due to China's pivotal position, the development of NSK's business in China will further improve the four-pole system.
Bearing introduction
Part structure
(1). Raceway: The surface of the load-bearing part of the rolling bearing used as the rolling track of the rolling element.
(2). Straight raceway: a raceway in which the generatrix in the plane perpendicular to the rolling direction is a straight raceway.
(3). Convex raceway: a substantially cylindrical or conical raceway with a continuous slightly convex curve in a plane perpendicular to the rolling direction to prevent stress concentration at the contact between the roller and the raceway.
(4). Spherical raceway: The raceway is a part of the surface of the ball.
(5). Track: The raceway of the ball bearing is groove-shaped, usually an arc-shaped cross section, with a radius slightly larger than the radius of the ball.
(6). (Ditch) shoulder: the side of the groove (rolling) track.
(7). Rib: a narrow shoulder protruding from the surface of the raceway parallel to the rolling direction. Used to support and guide the rolling elements and keep them in the bearing.
(8). The surface of the guide cage: the cylindrical surface of the bearing ring and washer is used to guide the cage in the radial direction.
(9). Ferrule (washer) end surface: the surface of the ferrule (washer) perpendicular to the axis of the ferrule (washer).
(10). Bearing inner hole: the inner hole of rolling bearing inner ring or shaft ring.
(11). Cylindrical inner hole: the inner hole of the bearing or bearing part, and its generatrix is ​​basically straight and parallel to the bearing axis line or the bearing part axis line.
(12). Conical inner hole: the inner hole of the bearing or bearing parts, the generatrix of which is basically straight and intersects the bearing axis line or the bearing part axis line.
(13). Bearing outer surface: the outer surface of the outer ring or seat ring of a rolling bearing.
(14). Ferrule (washer) chamfer: The surface of the ferrule (washer) where the inner hole or outer surface of the bearing is connected to one end of the ferrule.
(15). Overtravel grooves: grooves or grooves cut on the ribs or flange roots of bearing rings or bearing washers to facilitate grinding.
(16). Sealing (contact) surface: the surface in sliding contact with the sealing ring.
(17). Sealing ring (dust cover) groove: a groove for holding the bearing sealing ring (dust cover).
(18). Stop ring groove: a groove to hold the stop ring.
(19). Lubrication groove: a groove used to transport lubricant on bearing parts.
(20). Lubrication hole: the hole on the bearing part used to deliver lubricant to the rolling element.

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