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The use of zinc sulphide

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Chemical properties of zinc sulfide

The product is available in two crystal forms. Type Α zinc sulfide is colorless hexagonal crystalline powder or white to off-white or light yellow powder. The relative density is 4.087. Melting point is 1700 ℃. Thermal conductivity: 25.1W /(m? K), thermal expansion coefficient (volume) : 100℃, 0.163; 200 ℃, 0.395; 400 ℃, 0.919; 800 ℃, 2.146. Type Β Chemicalbook zinc is cubic crystal. White to grayish white or yellow powder. The relative density is 4.102 and the melting point is L700 ℃. Thermal expansion coefficient (volume) : 100℃, 0.156; 200 ℃, 0.386; 400 ℃, 0.898; 800 ℃, 1.996. It oxidizes slowly in the air to sulfates. The crystal transition temperature is 1020℃. Soluble in dilute inorganic acids. Insoluble in water.

Zinc sulfide as a semiconductor material
Zinc sulfide is a semiconductor material consisting of sulfur and zinc Ⅱ- aliphanic compounds. Molecular formula is ZnS, molecular weight is 97.45, melting point is 1020℃(15MPa), white crystal, lattice constant is 0.547nm, hexagonal type, density is 4.08g/cm3. Almost insoluble in water, but soluble in acids.
Long-term exposure in humid air will convert to zinc sulfate. The band gap is 3.6eV, which is the widest in Ⅱ- Aven semiconductor materials. So you can make blue light emitting tubes. Powder zinc sulfide is one of the most important field luminescent and photoluminescent materials, which is used to fabricate the fluorescent screen and scoreboard display of the picture tube. It is also the window material and coating material in the infrared light Chemicalbook material. Most of the zinc sulfide used in phosphor is made by solution method, which is characterized by large output and low cost. High purity zinc sulphide (HPZS) was prepared by direct gas phase synthesis of elements and crystallized needle-like, which was used to prepare high performance coating materials and single crystal raw materials. Zinc sulfide single crystal can be grown by high pressure single crystal furnace and chemical vapor transport (CVD). Zinc sulfide sheets for optical materials can be prepared by hot pressing and CVD methods, which are widely used in laser window materials. In recent years, metal organic chemical vapor deposition is used to prepare zinc sulfide thin film materials. Due to low growth temperature, the thin film generated has good integrity and few defects, and it is easy to prepare heterojunction photoelectronic devices.

Physical and chemical properties of zinc sulfide
Zinc sulfide, chemical formula ZnS. The chemical bond between Zn and S tends to be covalent. Crystals have three different configurations: low temperature type, namely sphalerite structure, abundant in nature, colorless cubic crystal, Zn, S coordination number are 4, the relative density is 4.10, at 1020℃ to high temperature type; High temperature type, namely, fibronite structure, colorless hexagonal crystal, Zn, S coordination number are 4, the relative density is 3.98, melting point is about 1700℃, is high temperature stable structure of zinc sulfide; The high pressure type, namely sodium chloride structure, Zn, S coordination number is 6, the relative density is 5.21. The hydrohydrate ZnS·H2O is a white powder with a relative density of 3.98 and a melting point of 1049℃. Zinc sulfide is insoluble in water and dilute alkali, also insoluble in acetic acid, but soluble in hydrochloric acid and other low concentration of strong acid, hydrogen sulfide. The solubility product of zinc sulfide is similar to the K1·K2 value of hydrosulfuric acid, so the following equilibrium exists in the Chemicalbook of dilute acid: Zn2++H2S=2H++ZnS. In highly acidic zinc salt solution, zinc sulfide can not be precipitated by the introduction of hydrogen sulfide gas. Zinc sulfide precipitate can be obtained by adding hydrogen sulfide gas into zinc salt solution, but the precipitate is not complete. With ammonium sulfide solution as precipitator, the zinc ions in the zinc salt solution can be completely precipitated into zinc sulfide. Because the ammonium sulfide solution is alkalescent, the acidity of the system can be reduced. The above methods are used in industry and should be operated in isolation from air. White zinc sulfide darkens when it is exposed to light and is easily oxidized to zinc sulfate in the air. Zinc sulfide by itself or in combination with zinc oxide can be used as a white paint pigment. Pure zinc sulfide does not emit light, if the zinc sulfide crystal added trace of manganese, copper, silver as activator, after light irradiation, can emit different colors of fluorescence, is called fluorescent powder, used to make fluorescent screen, luminous paint. Zinc sulfide is also used in tanning, enamel, rubber, dye and other industries.

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