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What is Zinc Sulfide?

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What is Zinc Sulfide?
Zinc sulfide is white to off-white or light yellow powder. Zinc sulfide becomes darker when exposed to light. Zinc sulfide is stable in dry air. When it is left in humid air for a long time or contains moisture, it will gradually oxidize to zinc sulfate. Zinc sulfide is soluble in dilute inorganic acid, soluble in alkali, but insoluble in water. Its relative density is 3.98 (α type), (d25) 4.102 (β type).
Zinc Sulfide properties
Zinc sulfide physical properties
The molecular formula of zinc sulfide is ZnS, and its Molecular Weight is 97.43.
Zinc sulfide is a white or slightly yellow powder. It turns into crystals when burning in H2S gas. His alpha variant is a colorless hexagonal crystal with a density of 3.98g/cm3 and a melting point of 1700±28°C (202.66 kPa-20 atmospheres). His beta variant is a colorless cubic crystal with a density of 4.102g/cm3, which transforms into an alpha type at 1020°C. Exist in sphalerite.
Zinc sulfide chemical properties
Zinc sulfide is insoluble in water but easily soluble in acid. It sees the sunlight darkens, and it turns into zinc sulfate in the humid air for a long time. Zinc sulfide is generally obtained by the action of hydrogen sulfide and zinc salt solution. If a small amount of Cu, Mn, Ag is added as an activator in the crystalline ZnS, it can emit different colors of fluorescence after being illuminated. Zinc sulfide can be used as analytical reagents, coatings, paint making, white and opaque glass, filling rubber, plastics, and for preparing phosphors. Zinc sulfide is made by co-heating sulfur and zinc. Its relative density is 4.087, its melting point is 1700℃, and its thermal conductivity is 25.1w/(m·K).
β-type zinc sulfide is a cubic crystal. It is white to off-white or yellow powder. Its relative density is 4.102, and its melting point is 1,700°C. It can be slowly oxidized to sulfate in the air.
Zinc Sulfide applications
As important two and six compound semiconductors, zinc sulfide nanomaterials have attracted great attention. Not only because of its excellent physical properties, such as wide bandgap, high refractive index, and high light transmittance in the visible light range, but also its huge potential for applications in optics, electronics, and optoelectronic devices. Zinc sulfide has an excellent fluorescence effect and electroluminescence function. Nano-zinc sulfide has a unique photoelectric effect, showing many excellent properties in the fields of electricity, magnetism, optics, mechanics, and catalysis. Therefore, the research of nano-zinc sulfide has attracted more attention, especially in 1994 Bhargava reported nano-ZnS with surface passivation treatment. Mn phosphors not only have an external quantum efficiency of up to 18% at high temperatures but their fluorescence lifetime is shortened by 5 orders of magnitude. Moreover, the luminescence performance has changed a lot, which opens up a new way for the application of ZnS in materials. Zinc sulfide can be used to make white paint and glass, luminous powder, rubber, plastic, luminous paint, etc.
Zinc Sulfide Supplier
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